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November 3-6: 2013 National Scenic and Historic Trails Conference

Trails ConferenceJoin us for the 14th National Scenic and Historic Trails Conference (National Trails: Weaving the Tapestry of America's Cultures, Histories, and Landscapes), where we will weave together ideas around our goals of raising public awareness of the National Trails System, completing and enhancing the designated National Trails, and building the capacity of the trails community so we form a network of community-based stewards of natural and cultural resources.

Workshops and speakers will address three main conference tracks:

  • Telling our stories and engaging new partners
  • Preserving special places and protecting the tapestry of the land
  • Strengthening our trail organizations and our trails communities

Where: The Westward Look Wyndham, an Arizona Hotel & Lodging Association green hotel

For more information: Visit the conference website External Link or contact Liz Wessel, lizmwessel(at)

Please thank our sponsors and hosts for the 14th Biennial National Scenic and Historic Trails Conference:

National Trails Stewards
Bureau of Land Management
National Park Service
USDA Forest Service
Arizona State Parks

National Trails Blazers
Friends of the Sonoran Desert National Monument
Pima County Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation
Rockart Signs and Markers

Federal Highway Administration
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Anza Trail Coalition of Arizona
Anza Trail Foundation
Arizona Trail Association
Old Spanish Trail Association
Partnership for the National Trails System


April 14-17, 2013: 21st American Trails International Trails Symposium

LogoAmerican Trails External Link is thrilled to have hosted its first International Trails Symposium in Arizona — an international tourist destination — April 14 ‐ 17, 2013. The program featureed international sessions, which provided alternative ways of approaching challenges in the trails world and provided excellent networking opportunities for the attendees. The Symposium was a perfect way for the international trails community to share success stories and lessons learned.

The 2013 Symposium theme was "Trails Lead Everywhere," celebrating the remarkable role of trails worldwide. Throughout time, they have united and guided humans across the globe. Trails were the foundation of our communication network and continue to be an essential component of our personal and professional experiences and relationships. As one of our greatest assets trails enable us to explore, travel, and savor the world’s natural wonders, from the highest mountains to the deepest canyons and all the vast open spaces in between. They are the best way to see nature’s hidden treasures, the cleanest way to commute, and the easiest way to encourage kids to adopt healthy lifestyles. Trails are the ribbons that connect us, lead us, and expand our horizons.

Conference Workshop

On Sunday, April 13 (during the International Trails Symposium) a mobile workshop was held on the AZ Trail in the 4 Peaks Wilderness. As part of the workshop, a hiking group from the Symposium hiked through the American Conservation Experience (ACE) Project work segment and stopped to discuss the planning, logistics and management principles that have guided and affected the project. The photo above shows Keean, 4 Peaks crew leader, talking with the Symposium participants.

Download ACE Project Report (PDF Document 3.7 MB PDF)
Details work done for Tonto National Forest, Arizona Trail Association and Arizona State Parks

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