Trails on State Trust Land

What is State Trust Land?

Arizona State Land DepartmentState Trust Land is not Public Land. Trust land is different from public land such as parks or National Forests, in that Trust Lands are managed by the Land Department to generate revenue for 13 specific beneficiaries. Today the Trust manages 9.3 million acres of land, and approximately 90% of the revenue generated from sales or leased supports the K-12 Education.

You must obtain a permit from the Arizona State Land Department External Link (ASLD) to be on State Trust lands. For current fees visit their website. Stay connected with the ASLD by following them on Twitter External Link or Facebook External Link. Their Twitter ID is AZStateLand.

Support Education - Respect the Trust

The largest beneficiaries include the Common Schools (K-12) and Universities.

It's a REC Permit, not a Wreck Permit!

State Trust LandA recreation permit is required for: hiking; horseback riding; picnicking; photography; bird watching; sightseeing; camping or traveling on existing Trails over Trust Land. There are three (3) different permits one can obtain.

Individual/Family REC PermitAn Individual/Family REC Permit is needed for casual recreation, and travel on existing roads for trails

Group REC PermitA Group REC Permit is needed for casual recreation events with fewer than 20 participants, for fewer than 5 days

Special Land Use Permit (SLUP)A Special Land Use Permit (SLUP) is needed for all competitive or commercial events as well as casual recreation events larger than 19 participants

Protect Trust Land - Don't Trash the Trust

Don't Trash the Trust

Some Trails on Trust Land …

such as the Arizona Trail and Maricopa Trail were purchased from the Trust as perpetual Rights of Way, making them available to the public. Recreational permits are not required on these Trails themselves, but are required if you leave the width of the trail or may be required to access a trailhead.

OHV DecalAn OHV decal allows crossing Trust Land while riding a vehicle that weighs less than 1800 pounds. A Land Department Recreation Permit is required for any other recreational activities on Trust Land. (Learn more about the OHV decal.)

Pay to Play

All State Trust Land transactions must be in accordance with the State's mandate to generate revenue for the beneficiaries. Trails on Trust Land can be accommodated in a variety of ways. Trails may be allowed through a Right of Way, or if the trail is intended to be temporary, then a Special Land Use Permit (SLUP) may be appropriate.

Talk Before You Walk

A Pre-application meeting is mandatory before an application can be filed. Planning a trail on Trust Land required you to contact the State Land Department to discuss the concept of the Trail. Please contact the Department early in the trail planning process, due to the length of application processing times.

For More Information Contact Arizona State Land Department External Link

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