Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Arizona State Parks

Q: Can I make reservations for camping at Arizona State Parks?
A: At select parks, yes. Review the detailed Reservation Page (Reservation Policies)

See Also: Reservation Policies: Terms & Conditions (Reservation Policies)
See Also: Agency Rules & Regulations (Agency Rules & Regulations)
See Also: Fee Schedule (Fee Schedule)

Q: Are there fees to enter the parks and to camp?
A: Yes, there are daily entrance fees into the parks. There are also camping fees if you wish to camp at the park. Camping Fees at parks where camping is available range from $10–$30 per night. Every park's web pages lists its fees in the righthand column, under the facility icons. You may also check our Fee Schedule for specific park fee information.

Q: Are pets allowed in the parks?
A: Yes, pets are welcome at Arizona State Parks, however, there are some rules that we ask you to follow. At all Arizona State Parks, we ask that you keep your pet on a leash at all times and clean up after them. At all parks, pets are not allowed in the buildings or museums. Also, pets are not allowed at Red Rock State Park or on the trails at Tonto Natural Bridge State Park. Except for service animals, a person also can't take pets to cabana sites, on developed beaches, or to other areas the Director has determined are environmentally or ecologically sensitive. If you have any specific questions about pets at Arizona State Parks, please call the park you are interested in visiting. Park phone numbers can be found on the park web pages.

Q: Is Kartchner Caverns State Park open to the public and how do I make reservations?
A: Yes, Kartchner Caverns State Park is open to the public. There are two cave tours available and the park also offers camping and hiking. Learn more about the cave tours, including fees and rules by visiting the Cave Tour Information page.

Q: Which parks have Camping Cabins?
A: Three parks offer Camping Cabins: Dead Horse Ranch State Park, Roper Lake State Park, & Lyman Lake State Park.

Q: Is there an Arizona State Parks Annual Pass?
A: Yes, there are two different annual passes at Arizona State Parks. These are for day-use only and do not apply to camping fees. Learn more about the passes, including the prices and rules by visiting our Annual Pass Gift Shop page.

Q: Is there a discount for Military personnel?
A: Yes, active military personnel and their families receive 50% off the regular Day Use fee to Arizona State Parks. The discount does not apply to Kartchner Caverns tour tickets or camping fees at Arizona State Parks. This discount is offered to Regular Military, Reserve, National Guard, and state militia troops and their families. Please present your military identification at the park entrance to receive this discount.

Q: Does Arizona State Parks offer a senior discount, a disabled discount, or accept the Golden Eagle Pass or National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass?
A: No, Arizona State Parks does not offer a senior discount or a disabled discount for entrance or camping at the state parks. Also, we do not accept the Golden Eagle Pass or the National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass for waiving of entrance fees into Arizona State Parks.

Q: Are there any discounts for disabled veterans?
Arizona State Parks will issue a Disabled Veterans Annual Pass to a disabled veteran who has a service connected disability rated as 100% disabling, who is receiving compensation, and who is a current Arizona resident and has been an Arizona resident for one or more years. Learn more about the pass by visiting our Annual Pass Gift Shop page, and scroll down to the Disabled Veterans Annual Pass information.

Q: What kinds of activities and events do the parks offer?
A: Activities vary from park to park. Some offer boating, fishing, swimming, and other recreational activities. Other parks offer a museum experience with exhibits or guided tours. Some also offer equestrian trails. Find exactly what you're looking for in Find a Park. Or explore the individual park pages to learn more about each park. For a list of upcoming events, see our Event Calendar.

Q: What kind of jobs are available with Arizona State Parks?
A: Arizona State Parks offers many positions available at the parks or in our main office or regional offices. Read complete information on our Employment Information page.

Q: Is 'gold mining' or 'gold panning' allowed at Arizona State Parks?
A: No. In order to conserve and protect the resources of the parks, we do not allow mining or panning of any kind.

Q: Is using a metal detector legal in Arizona State Parks?
A: In some cases. Arizona State Parks does allow "Recreational Metal Detecting" in areas that are not ecologically, geologically or culturally sensitive. "Recreational" means that if the activity is only for recreation, or a hobby and the area is not disturbed to any great level it is acceptable. If you wish to walk along a developed beach front and dig down a few inches with a spoon in order to recover an item, it's okay. If you bring along a shovel and plan to excavate a large hole then it's not okay. Contact the staff ranger at the specific park you wish to visit and discuss the activity with a ranger to determine areas where it would be appropriate. Of course if at any time the activity crosses over into a commercial venture then it is not allowed. Arizona State Parks realizes that this activity is fun for many people, and we try to accommodate them as best we can while at the same time continue to protect and preserve our resources. Check out these great resources on metal detecting: |

Q: Can I use my drone (Quadcopter/UAV) in a State Park?
A: At this time, recreational drone use is prohibited in State Parks. Commercial use will be considered with a Filming Permit for news, publicity, and promotional park projects. Film Permit rules require insurance and current FAA drone registration permit. Final decision and any fees associated with access is at the discretion of Park Management. Access to areas beyond Park boundiaries (National Forest, State Trust Lands, Game & Fish and other agencies) may require additional permission and/or permits. Please consult with approriate agency for details.

Q: Can I remove rocks, plants, flowers or any natural items from Arizona State Parks?
A: No, Arizona State Parks (ASP) prohibits the removal of items from any park facility. ASP's mission is to manage and conserve Arizona's natural, cultural and recreational resources for the benefit of the people. This policy is similar to National Parks and other protected natural resources. Other agencies throughout the (AZ State Land, BLM, National Forests, etc.) may provide permits for these activities. Please contact the appropriate state office for the type of land you are visiting for more information.

Q: Can I have my wedding at an Arizona State Park?
A: Yes, some parks do host wedding events. Go to the WEDDING information page or contact the park of your choice directly.

Q: Is there a number to call for further information?
A: Call our main office in Phoenix at (602) 542-4174 (Tel & TTY).

Q: How can I receive a free color brochure and packet of information?
A: There are three ways to request information.

  1. Call (602) 542-4174
  2. Mail your request to Arizona State Parks, 23751 N. 23rd Ave, Suite 190, Phoenix, Arizona 85085
  3. Request information online. Please let us know how you found out about us!

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