Advisory Committees

Applications for Advisory Committees

Arizona State Parks's advisory committees are looking for new volunteer members. Applications for the respective committees are listed below.

NAPAC Committee Membership

ASCOT Committee Membership

OHVAG Committee Membership

Arizona State Parks receives direction and oversight from several advisory committees and groups. The following is a list of those advisory bodies. More information about each committee's membership, mission, meetings, and agendas can be found by following the links below:


AORCC: Arizona Outdoor Recreation Coordinating Commission
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ASCOT: Arizona State Committee on Trails
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AZSITE: Arizona's Cultural Resource Inventory
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CAB: Conservation Acquisition Board
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GAAC: Governor's Archaeology Advisory Commission
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HPAC: Historic Preservation Advisory Committee
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HSRC: Historic Sites Review Committee
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NAPAC: Natural Areas Program Advisory Committee
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OHVAG: Off-Highway Vehicle Advisory Group
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Yarnell Hill Memorial Site Board
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Arizona Outdoor Recreation Coordinating Commission: AORCC
Arizona State Committee on Trails: ASCOT
Arizona's Cultural Resource Inventory: AZSITE
Conservation Acquisition Board: CAB
Governor's Archaeology Advisory Commission: GAAC
Historic Preservation Advisory Committee: HPAC
Historic Sites Review Committee: HSRC
Natural Areas Program Advisory Committee: NAPAC
Off-Highway Vehicle Advisory Group: OHVAG

Arizona State Parks Partnerships Frequently Used Acronym Key