Context Study Guides

These publications compile research and evaluation of several topics that are key to understanding Arizona history, prehistory, and resources. Topics include Homesteading, Commerce in Phoenix, Gold and Silver Mining, the Chinese in Arizona, the United States Military in Arizona, Transcontinental Railroading, Prehistoric Rock Art, Historic Trails, Prehistoric to Historic Transition Period, and Paleoindian and Archaic Sites. The newest context study, Prehistoric Water Utilization and Technology in Arizona, is now available! To order, visit the Arizona State Parks Gift Catalog.


How can older towns revitalize their languishing downtown districts? And what gives these historic downtowns their distinctive character? A lively video called "Arizona's Towns: Planning the Past, Saving the Future" explores these issues by showing design charrettes held in Winslow and Globe. The 28-minute video was produced for the Arizona State Historic Preservation Office and the National Park Service by the Joint Urban Design Program of Arizona State University. To order, please print out an To order, visit the Arizona State Parks Gift Catalog.

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