Arizona Archaeology Advisory Commission Awards in Public Archaeology & Governor’s Volunteers in Archaeology Awards, 1988–Present

Presented by the Governor’s Archaeology Advisory Commission

Note: Governor’s Volunteers in Archaeology Awards were presented from 1988-1995. Arizona Archaeology Advisory Commission Awards in Public Archaeology were presented beginning in 1996.

Governor’s Volunteers in Archaeology Awards, 1988–1995

Sequence - Year - Recipient
1st - 1988 - Louie Curtis
2nd - 1989 - Rueben Nelson
3rd - 1990 - Ed Lehner & Marc Navarete
4th - 1991 - Charlie Gilbert, Glendale
5th - 1992 - Gene Riggs, Bisbee
6th - 1993 - John Murray, Tucson
Sequence numbering discrepancy
8th - 1994 - Don Dove, Cortez CO
9th - 1995 - Dick & Florence Lord, Prescott

Arizona Archaeology Advisory Commission Awards in Public Archaeology, 1996–Present

1996 Award Winners

Professional Archaeologist: Dr. John Hohmann
Avocational Archaeologist: Grace Schoonover
Site Steward: Charles Steger
Program: Salt River Project, cultural resource management plan

1997 Award Winners

Professional Archaeologist: Allen Dart
Avocational Archaeologist: Les Chapman
Site Steward: Shelley Rasmussen
Program: Desert Troon Companies, development, Prescott

1998 Award Winners

Professional Archaeologist: Dr. Jeff Altschul
Avocational Archaeologist: Joan Clark
Site Steward: Kay Rosenow
Program: Donald Diamond, development, Green Valley

1999 Award Winners

Professional Archaeologist: Linda Martin
Avocational Archaeologist: Jim Britton
Site Steward: John Kevin
Program: Homol’ovi Research Program, Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona

2000 Award Winners

Professional Archaeologist: Greg Woodall
Avocational Archaeologist: Betsy Marshall
Program: Barry Shannahan for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc, for Grewe site preservation plan

2001 Award Winners

Professional Archaeologist: Peter J. Pilles, Jr.
Avocational Archaeologist: Donna Benge
Site Steward: Valerie Conforti
Program: Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, for 2001 Public Safety Plan and Calendar focused on prehistoric rock art

2002 Award Winners

Professional Archaeologist: Dr. Richard Martynec
Avocational Archaeologist: John Sturgis
Site Steward: Ann Marie Wolf
Program: Town of Marana, Arizona, for preservation & heritage program in Marana District Park

2003 Award Winners

Professional Archaeologist(s): John Hanson & Melissa Schroeder, Kaibab National Forest
Avocational Archaeologist: Gary Yancy, Arizona Archaeological Society
Site Steward: Judy Stoycheff
Program: Archaeological Research Institute, Arizona State University

2004 Award Winners

Professional Archaeologist(s): Teresa Pinter and Jerry Howard
Avocational Archaeologist: Joe Vogel
Site Steward: Mary Estes
Program: John Fryar, Bureau of Indian Affairs Division of Law Enforcement

2005 Award Winners

Professional Archaeologist: Todd Bostwick
Avocational Archaeologist: Don Kucera
Site Steward(s): Brad Geeck, Steve Ross, Gary Peet
Private Sector Program: Empire Company
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2006 Award Winners

Professional Archaeologist: Michael Sullivan
Avocational Archaeologist(s): Ron & Karen Peters
Public Sector Program: Deer Valley Rock Art Center

2007 Award Winners

Professional Archaeologist: Dr. Bill Doelle
Avocational Archaeologist(s): Dutch Duering & Jerome Ehrhardt
Site Steward(s): Terry and Kathy Robbins & Richard Davis
Public Sector Program: Pueblo Grande Museum
Private Sector Program(s): The Archaeology Conservancy & SunCor Development Company
Tribal: Vernelda Grant & Chris Coder
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2008 Award Winners

Professional Archaeologist(s): James Ayres           
Avocational Archaeologist(s): Ella & Roy Pierpoint           
Site Steward(s): Mark Millman           
Public Sector Program: CDA’s SW Quarterly Newsletter & SWAT, Inc.           
Government Agency: Sue Laybourn, City of Coolidge           
Tribal: Joseph Joaquin           
Lifetime Achievement: Lester Chapman
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2009 Award Winners

Avocational Archaeologist(s): Marlene Conklin & Bernard Carey           
Site Steward(s): Shelley Rasmussen
Tribe: Shane Anton           
Government Agency: Kaibab National Forest Heritage Program
Private / Non-Profit Program(s): GRCA-Flagstaff Stagecoach Line & Kaibab Vermillion Cliffs Heritage Alliance           
Private / Industrial Development Program(s): Linda Ellinor & Kinder Morgan Energy Partners           
Lifetime Achievement: Dr. David Wilcox
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2010 Award Winners

Professional Archaeologist(s): Dr. Teresita Majewski & Alan Ferg           
Avocational Archaeologist(s): Marie Britton, Kevin Palmer & Larry and Sandy Gauthier
Site Steward(s): Jim and Kamie Jetter
Tribe: Barnaby Lewis           
Government Agency: Ann Howard & SHPO           
Lifetime Achievement: Dr. David Doyel
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2011 Award Winners

Professional Archaeologist(s): J. Scott Wood           
Avocational Archaeologist(s): Cherie Freeman
Site Steward(s): Roger and Lesley McPeak
Tribe: Hopi Tribe           
Government Agency: Kim Savage and the Archaeological Research Institute 
Private / Non-Profit Program(s): The Redemptorist Society          
Lifetime Achievement: Dr. Raymond Thompson
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2012 Award Winners

Professional Archaeologist(s): J. Andrew Darling, Gila River Indian Community
Avocational Archaeologist(s): Donna Ruiz y Costello, Arizona Archaeological Society
Site Steward(s): H. Jill McCormick
Tribe: Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, Cultural Resources Department, Cultural Resources Program
Government Agency: Adrianne Rankin, Luke Air Force Base
Private or Industrial Development: Jon Shumaker & the Forestry and Special Programs Department, APS Company
Private / Non-Profit Program(s): Empire Ranch Foundation
Lifetime Achievement: Drs. Paul and Suzanne Fish

2013 Award Winners

Professional Archaeologist(s): Garry Cantley
Avocational Archaeologist(s): Don Burgess
Site Steward(s): Robin Rutherfoord
Tribe: Leigh Kuwanwisiwma, Hopi Tribe
Government Agency: Mesa Grande Cultural Park
Private or Industrial Development: Kierland Resorts
Private / Non-Profit Program(s): Friends of the Agua Fria National Monument, Cultural Resource Committee
Lifetime Achievement: Dr. Bernard (“Bunny”) Fontana
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2014 Award Winners

Professional Archaeologist(s): Jon Czaplicki
Professional Archaeologist(s): Chris Schrager
Avocational Archaeologist(s): Everett Murphy and Lee Dewester
Site Steward(s): Chris Tetzloff
Tribe: Four Southern Tribes Cultural Resources Working Group
Government Agency: City of Phoenix Aviation Department for “Seeds of Growth”
Private / Non-Profit Program(s): Verde Valley Archaeology Center
Special Achievement Award: “Rock Art of the Grand Canyon Region” (Don Christensen, Jerry Dickey, and Steven Freers)
Lifetime Achievement: James W. Garrison
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2015 Award Winners

Professional Archaeologist: Neil Weintraub, South Zone Archaeologist for the Kaibab National Forest
Site Steward: Doug Newton, Tonapah Regional Coordinator
Site Steward: John Scheuring, Tucson Regional Assistant Coordinator
Tribe: H. Jill McCormick, Cocopah Indian Tribe
Government Agency: Town of Camp Verde and Yavapai County
Special Achievement: Rick Karl, Arizona State Museum
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