2010 Awards in Public Archaeology

Presented by the Governor’s Archaeology Advisory Commission at the 8th Annual Arizona Statewide Historic Preservation Partnership Conference held in Flagstaff, May 13-14, 2010. The Theme of this year's conference was Preservation at a Higher Elevation.

Lifetime Achievement: Dr. David Doyel

Dr. Doyel has an exemplary record of academic achievement in his involvement in public aspects of archaeology and in service to the state of Arizona. He is currently one of the archaeologists and cultural resources managers for the Barry M. Goldwater Range East for the Luke Air Force Base.

Dr. Doyel has adopted a diverse approach to his professional career and has made contributions in multiple areas including: archaeological research and publication, museum research and administration, land managing program administration and stewardship, and avocational archaeology support and public education. For the past 35 years, he has made outstanding contributions to Southwestern Archaeology focusing on historic preservation and the study of ancient Southwestern Native cultures. His dedication to advising and assisting avocational archaeologists in the documentation and preservation of the Gatlin Site in Gila Bend, Arizona, is exemplary and he has willingly passed on his knowledge to large numbers of college students, public officials, private citizens, avocationalists and many others. He has had a significant and lasting impact on the study of Arizona archaeology and on historic preservation in Arizona.

Avocational Archaeologist: Marie Britton

Marie Britton has been an enthusiastic and valuable avocational archaeologist in Arizona for over 20 years, having served as President of both the Arizona Archaeological Society (AAS) and the Southwest Archaeology Team (SWAT); she continues to assist both avocational organizations in a variety of ways.

For the past 14 years, Ms. Britton has also worked as an intern to the State Historic Preservation Office’s (SHPO) Public Archaeology Program, faithfully assisting this Program by using her networking skills and her many ties across the state to help spread SHPO’s stewardship message. At past Archaeology Expos, Marie has also been instrumental in helping to coordinate Kids’ Education Days, as she loves to work with children and share her love and enthusiasm for our state’s heritage with the young. Her sensitivity and respect for both archaeological and historical resources has led to a strong commitment for historic preservation in Marie, something that she shares with others whenever she gets a chance!

Avocational Archaeologist: Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer is the Designated Lobbyist for the Arizona Archaeological Society (AAS) and has been passionately involved in the Arizona Archeological Society since 2001. Having strong positive ethics, he created the AAS Legislative Policy Committee to help educate the Legislature about the preservation of the State’s cultural resources. Mr. Palmer developed a network of individuals within the State that works to enhance the communication process among the AAS chapters and the Legislature; he also produced a five minute video about AAS that advocates public archaeology education and the preservation of archaeological resources in the Southwest.

Avocational Archaeologists: Sandy and Larry Gauthier

Since 2004, Larry and Sandy Gauthier have served as volunteers for the Agua Fria National Monument. The Gauthiers are charter members of the Friends of the Agua Fria National Monument and helped to establish and maintain its archives. They continue to participate as active members of the Cultural Resources Committee, which supports the monument through public outreach efforts and the documentation and protection of its archaeological sites through monitoring and assisting BLM Field Office archaeologists in conducting oral history interviews relating to the historic Weaver town site and cemetery in Yavapai County.

The Gauthiers have also assisted the BLM archaeologists in the documentation and researching of the historic Teskey Homestead site. The Gauthiers have produced excellent written reports, with extensive photo documentation, for these oral history projects and greatly enjoy their work.

Professional Archaeologist: Dr. Teresita Majewski

Dr. Majewski is currently the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Statistical Research, Inc., a private cultural resources management firm in Tucson. She specializes in historical archaeology and teaches it at the university level. Because of her expertise in the field of historic ceramics, she has achieved international recognition, and she is an excellent teacher in the identification and analysis of historic ceramics.

Dr. Majewski serves on numerous committees and boards of local, state, and national professional societies including the Society for Historical Archaeology, the Society of American Archaeology, the American Anthropological Association and the American Cultural Resources Association. She also provides leadership to the Tucson-Pima County Historical Commission and to the Arizona Historic Sites Review Committee, helping the SHPO to review nominations to the National Register of Historic Places. Dr. Majewski is a stellar educator and is firmly committed to her profession, students and the community.

Professional Archaeologist: Alan Ferg

Mr. Ferg has served as the Archivist for the Arizona State Museum in Tucson for the past 18 years and has been responsible for the organization, inventory, indexing and assisting researchers in the use of over 1,500 linear feet of archival material, over 10,000 maps, and 800 original sound recordings. He also investigates issues related to copyright, Intellectual Property Rights, and the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act as they affect the use of archival, particularly Native American, materials.

He is an invaluable source of information about Southwestern prehistoric artifacts and rock art, and about historical Apachean, Pai, and Mormon material culture; he has also published extensively since the early 1970s on many of these studies. This expertise has resulted in his demand by numerous cultural resource management firms and he is well respected by the professional archaeological and anthropological communities.

Mr. Ferg has willingly shared his knowledge and experience on Arizona prehistory and history with the public through local, state and national presentations and service; he has shared his research with tribes, avocational societies, universities, libraries, grade schools, professional associations, and others. His dedication to preserving the material remains of Arizona’s past, and his commitment to public education and volunteer activities, has greatly benefited Southwestern archaeology in Arizona.

Government Agency: Ann Howard, Public Archaeology Programs Manager, State Historic Preservation Office

As an archaeologist for the Arizona State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) for the past 21 years, Ann Howard serves as the Public Archaeology Programs Manager, as well as senior archaeological compliance specialist and technical advisor to the Governor’s Archaeology Advisory Commission. As part of her Public Archaeology programming, she has coordinated the celebration of Arizona Archaeology and Heritage Awareness Month (AAHAM) and the Archaeology Expo (an outdoor educational fair) for the past 17 years. Promoting the stewardship message and ethic for the protection of Arizona’s heritage resources is her passion, and her ability to create partnerships with agencies, Tribes, and avocational organizations has been vital to the success of the AAHAM events.

Ms. Howard is to be commended for her many years of public service, her innovative outreach to Arizona’s communities across the state, and her unceasing efforts to provide quality educational events and programs. These programs are valuable for the continued preservation our state’s cultural resources for future generations to enjoy.

Tribe: Barnaby Lewis, Gila River Indian Community

Barnaby V. Lewis is a member of the Gila River Indian Community and, for over 12 years, has been active in the protection and preservation of the culture and sites of the ancestors of the O’odham of central and southern Arizona, known generally as the Hohokam. As the Cultural Resource Specialist for the Cultural Resource Management Program at Gila River, Mr. Lewis helped to design and implement their Tribal Historic Preservation program in 2009, and recently completed his first year as the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (THPO).

Mr. Lewis’ prior and on-going contributions to historic preservation are extensive and underscore his sincere personal and professional commitment to his Community’s culture and the importance of Tribal consultation in the identification and protection of culturally sensitive archaeological sites and resources. He has been a leader and an example of dedication and sincerity to cultural resource managers, teachers, university professors, Tribal members, museum professionals and practically anyone who has worked in historic preservation in the state of Arizona. Mr. Lewis’ accomplishments and willingness to work with professional archaeologists and the public to build greater understanding of the needs and requirements of Tribes for historic preservation is exemplary.

Site Steward: Kamie and Jim Jetter

Jim and Kamie Jetter have been volunteer Site Stewards since the Ajo Region was created over 11 years ago. Through the years, the Jetters have monitored their assigned sites, served as Assistant Regional Coordinators, and helped train new Site Stewards. Additionally, they have hosted events and conducted meetings when the Regional Coordinators were unavailable.

Their insight and quick evaluation of critical situations and suspicious individuals have been invaluable to the Site Steward Program in the Ajo Region – the Ajo Program would not be nearly as strong without them. Both Jim and Kamie have put in over 500 volunteer hours helping to preserve and protect Arizona’s non-renewable heritage resources.

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